Work in Progress Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and out of the blue we have a bumper crop from the members. Above we have a strange hover/truck/craft of some sort from Blotz  called a Luftblitzwagen.

Next up Mark J has painted more 2mm legions.

Mark’s also added to his Saxon ranks.

John L’s been busy getting his miniatures ready for the Society Open Day, first some mortar units.

And he has also been creating more buildings for the game.

Next up following the theme of getting ready for the Open Day John R has been painting some 6mm Hammers Slammers tanks, quite a few tanks in fact.

Tony F has also been working on his Hammers Slammers units to take John on.

Tony has also been putting together some scenery. Nice to see a bit of multiple levels.

That’s it for this week, see you next time.


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