Work in Progress Wednesday

We start today with Felix and some more VC infantry.Followed swiftly by the early assembly of a H34 Helicopter from Mark J

Next up John L has been painting up some Russian pre Dreadnoughts.

Now we move on to some 1940’s French Berliet CBA trucks from Tony F. These ones were 3D printed to be 20mm scale.

A rare one from me for a change. These French and British napoleonic 10mm miniatures from Pendraken are going to act as balloon crew for a game I’m creating (you’ve seen the balloons in other WIP posts.

Moving on and lastly for this week Andy has continued to make progress on some 28mm scenery.

That’s it for this week, we’ve had a steady stream of progress from the members over the last few months, hopefully this will turn into some good games later in the year.