Work in Progress Wednesday

Welcome to another Work in Progress Wednesday, as a complete contrast I’ll start this week with what I’ve been up to. Above you can see I finished my long dead warriors scatter terrain pieces, and below I have a re-discovered a Citadel Miniatures Viking from 1985 that I’ll be adding to my Viking Saga warband.

36 years old and still looking the part

Next up Mark has yet more 6mm units. Fist are some Roman infantry units.

Medium infantry ready to join the Roman army

Then we have some Hundred Years War Men at Arms and Longbowmen.

Hundred Years War English Men at Arms and Longbows

Finally from Mark a camp for his Greek 15mm army. This is a nice twist on the normal two tents and a wagon style camps we often see.

Camping at a ruined temple after a hard day on the battlefield

Next up Stephen has added to his Sci-Fi collection with a group of generic crew members.

More conversions for Stargrave

Marcus has been improving this years club game (technically last years game!) With more snowy terrain that will hopefully be ready to play at Broadside.

More Snowy Ground for Biggles!

And last but not least this week, Tony has continued painting his Lord of the Rings dwarf Grim Hammers.

Grim Hammers led by Bombur, who’s obviously spotted something to eat ahead of him

See you next Wednesday for another catch up with the club.