Work in Progress Wednesday

Let’s get straight into this weeks eclectic mix. First up we have Mark J’s WW2 Brits ready for action.

They are followed by Phil’s collection of tiny 1/1000th buildings from Brigade Models. My guess is these are for next years society show game!

Now we move onto David P and the start of some Russian Cuirassiers.

Now we move on to, well I’m not entirely sure so I’ll let Marcus describe it in his own words “conversion of an old GZG recon pod with underslung cannon (a GZG Phalon starship) on an organic, retractable mount”

Tony F continues to assemble his Stargrave crew, apparently these are numbers 8 and 9, so just one more to go.

And lastly for this week Peter M has another of his expanding fleet of scratch built cloud ships. Just a few more crew to add to this one.

See you next week for more work in progress.