Small Scale Scenery

Welcome to our range of small scale scenery – the models are built to 1/1000th scale but they are compatible with 2mm figures or 1/1200th scale ships. They are also ideal as scenery/targets for larger scale aircraft models (anywhere from 1/700th up to 1/144th or 1/100th) where they provide a sense of forced perspective and higher altitude. A large number of customers also use them with 3mm scale vehicles and figures.

The buildings are generally cast in lead-free white-metal, with the larger models cast in polyurethane resin. They generally have a slightly rough finish which is ideal for wash and drybrush painting techniques. We recommend a spray undercoat followed by an inkwash and drybrushing – all that’s needed then is to pick out details such as doors and windows.

We also see these models as ideally suited to architectural models or museum dioramas, and we welcome orders for those uses as well as traditional gaming purposes.

Please note that because of the way our moulds are arranged, we are unable to supply individual models from the packs – we can only sell complete packs as displayed here.