About Us

Brigade Models is a small outfit based near Maidstone in Kent, tucked away in the south-eastern corner of England. We specialise in producing quality gaming miniatures in both slightly-off-the-wall subjects and more conventional realms.

  • the official range of models for gaming in David Drake’s Hammer’s Slammers universe in two scales – 6mm and 15mm
  • the official models for the Imperial Skies steampunk game of aerial warfare in 1/1200th scale – over 250 of them to date, from over 20 different nations with more being added
  • over 200 fleet scale spaceships for over a dozen human and alien fleets, plus merchant vessels and space stations
  • a large range of 15mm science fiction miniatures, which has undergone a major revamp. It includes a selection of resin buildings and handy accessories. We also now manufacture the large range of SF figures previously sold by ArmiesArmy as well as our own figures.
  • one of the largest ranges of 6mm science fiction miniatures in the known universe – well over 300 vehicles, a dozen types of infantry, aircraft and VTOLs, and more than 100 buildings and scenic items
  • Small Scale Scenery, our large and ever-increasing range of 2mm scale (1/1000th) buildings, forts and other terrain items, ideal for gaming with 2mm or 3mm scale figures, 1/1200th scale ships or larger scale aircraft (we use ours as terrain for 1/600th scale aircraft games). Also great for small scale dioramas, museum or architectural models
  • Squadron Commander, our own free-to-download SF fighter ruleset with an accompanying range of 1/300th scale starfighters
  • Celtos, a 28mm fantasy skirmish range of almost 250 beautifully sculpted figures set in a mythical celtic background
  • the official models for Wessex Games’ Land Ironclads Victorian SF rules in 1/1200th scale
  • miniatures for Majestic 12’s innovative Iron Stars spaceship rules, set in a Edwardian-era alternate history
  • Our own unique range of Great War Belgian troops for those dark days of 1914
  • Oh, and we stock useful stuff like dice and bases

We’re constantly adding new models – around two hundred (!) in the past twelve months across the ranges. Many of our older models have been replaced by new, digitally sculpted ones – this is an ongoing process as we continue to update all of the ranges.