Fasolini Company Detachment



This pack is the same as Pack 401 but with Oto Melara 440CGS Quad guns instead of the single-barrel weapons.

This pack makes up an entire 10-TU, 740-point force for Hammer’s Slammers:The Crucible. The detachment list can be found here.

2 x Hippo Heavy Truck
2 x Oto Melara 440CGS Gun
2 x Fasolini Gun Crew
18 x Fasolini Riflemen
2 x Fasolini Rocket Launchers
1 x Colonel Guido Fasolini
1 x Lieutenant Albrecht Waldstejn
2 x Fasolini Sergeant
2 x Fasolini MG Teams
1 x Vehicle Stowage
6 x Four-man fire-team base
2 x Three-man fire-team base
2 x Large Plain Base
30 x M8 Washers

Additional information

Weight 590 g