Strike Legion: Clockwork Armies


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Strike Legion: The Clockwork Armies provides everything needed for players to fight battles in an alternate or historical past. Drawing from both historical sources and Victorian-era science fiction, players can field armies of sky, land, and sailing ships alongside troops armed with rifles and muskets, swords, bows, and spears.

New rules additions include advanced air combat, galleys and sailing ships, skyships, dirigibles, landships, small aircraft and aircraft carriers, chariots, formed infantry and cavalry, ancient siege artillery, cannons, and fortifications. Each is fully compatible with all other units created for the Strike Legion gaming system and can be fielded against or alongside any other force created for the game.

And for those not inclined to the past, the highest level of mechanical tech is included, along with experimental rules to depict forces capable of temporal displacement to gain advantage in the field, and combat with or against beings of pure energy. Complete construction rules are included, along with additional unit designs and scenarios to get you started as you march to the sound of the guns.

Note: this is not a complete game. Ownership of the Strike Legion Main Rulebook is necessary to use the materials presented in this book; some materials from Strike Legion Module One may also be required to fully utilize the materials herein.

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