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More than just a simple compilation of the four books in the Strike Legion Tactical series (the award-winning Strike Legion Main Rulebook, Module 1: The Genome Gambit, Module 2: The Clockwork Armies and Skunk Works), the Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium contains one of the most complete game systems available on the market today for playing ?hard’ Science Fiction or Science Fantasy miniatures battles using small-scale miniatures (2mm to 15mm).

While the easy-to-learn core game rules and procedures (including Strike Legion’s unique, integrated Electronic Warfare system) have not changed from their original versions, many of the procedures around those core rules have been simplified or standardized. All of the various weapons and systems whose use was formerly tracked using check boxes on unit Data Cards have been modified to simple (Depletion or Usage) die roll functions, obviating the need for most written records during game play, and many other sections have been edited or re-written for better clarity and ease of implementation.

Every section of each rulebook has been collated and consolidated into a unified whole, with all related rules being found in their respective sections. Some of the rules, vehicle systems and infantry attributes have been removed or consolidated to single entries to avoid redundancies, and a few new rules and options have been added for those wishing to implement them.

Each section that has been significantly altered has been marked so that veteran players will quickly be able to grasp the differences and improvements in how the game is played. While the Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium is not written in a progressive learning format, sections that are not critical for new players to learn before their first game are also clearly marked, allowing them to begin their first game in short order.

Additional game features include:

  • 6 general scenarios playable with any forces, with some scenarios offering significant suggested variants to change the nature and scope of the action

  • 100 pre-designed unit Data Cards representing the four human and two non-human factions involved in humanity’s First Secession War, along with organizational charts for each faction.
  • A revised Unit Construction section that allows players to create their own forces ranging from savages with bows and spears to genetically modified (or grown) troops and bio-mechanical vehicles, from historically-based armies representing any period (including the modern or alternate Victorian eras) in recorded history to the wildest (or strangest) visions of combat in the far future taken from the players’ favorite SciFi novels, TV shows, or films.
  • New options for Overwatch order resolution, Air Strikes, and Stomp attacks by Walkers and Large Organic elements
  • Rules for solitaire play
  • Revised graphics for all Data Cards and informational markers, including edit-enabled blank Data Card PDF forms for players wishing to field their own unit creations.
  • Revised game reference charts that include all of the ‘basic’ To Hit, Hit Location, Terrain, Damage, Infantry Combat, and Crew Quality Test procedures and modifiers

The scope and scale of combat in Strike Legion Tactical have not changed: a player’s forces are grouped into platoons of 2 to 4 individual squad, guns, or vehicles and each player can easily handle a reinforced battalion on the tabletop.

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