Fir Bolg Army (Undead Legions)


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This pack makes up an eight point army suitable for use with Studio Tomahawk’s SAGA:Age of Magic rules.

1 Warlord – select from the drop-down list above
1 Sorcerer – select from the drop-down list above
1 Skeleton Leader with Axe (Champion)
4 Skeleton Warscythes (Hearthguard)
8 Skeletons with Sickles (Warriors)
16 Skeletons with Spears (2 Warriors)
8 Skeleton Archers (Warriors)
20 Zombies (Horde)

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Weight 750 g

Cernunnos The Horned One (default), Mordred the Damned, Kluruch Wraithlord


Morrigan, Priestess of the Horned God (default), Modron, concubine of the Old Horned God, Bloodwedd Darksickle