Gael Army (Lords of the Wild)


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This pack makes up an eight point army suitable for use with Studio Tomahawk’s SAGA:Age of Magic rules.

1 Warlord – select from the drop-down list above
1 Sorcerer – select from the drop-down list above
1 Female Warrior Champion (Champion)
4 Cavalry (Hearthguard)
4 Swordmaidens (Hearthguard)
8 Warriors with 2-Handed Weapons (Warriors)
16 Bondsmen (2 Warriors)
12 Staff Slingers (Levy Bowmen)

Additional information

Weight 750 g

King of the Wild (default), Prince Ilbhrech, Princess Cliodna


Danu, Priestess of the Mother Goddess (default), Cathbad the Druid, Daghda, Warrior Druid, Gael Druid, Female Druid